NBA Must-Haves

NBA | Must-Haves | 11/16

Overall Must-Have James Harden (DK: $12,200; FD: $12,700): Our first Must-Have of the night is James Harden who will be playing without Westbrook, Capela, Gordon, and now House. We tried to fade Harden at this high price tag yesterday and it worked out fine, unfortunately, he is unavoidable today with this decimated Rockets lineup. Harden’s usage rate when this group is all off the court is 42.5%, yes you read that right, 42.5%. There is a reason Harden is the most expensive player on the slate, he has averaged 1.7 FPPM this season on DK and 1.6 FPPM on FD.... Read More

NBA | Must-Haves | 11/15

Must-Have #1 Jeff Teague (DK: $5,300; FD: $6,600): Our first Must-Have tonight is Jeff Teague in, what should be, a very fast-paced matchup between the Wizards and the Timberwolves. The two teams have two of the fastest paces of play on the slate and the game total is the highest on the slate with the Timberwolves team total right around 123. Wiggins has been ruled out tonight with a personal issue and Napier is doubtful to play so Teague could see some big minutes in just his second game back from illness. Teague has averaged 1.11 FPPM this season on... Read More

NBA | Must-Haves | 11/14

Overall Must-Have   JaMychal Green (DK: $4,000; FD: $3,900): For our overall Must-Have tonight, we turn to Clippers forward JaMychal Green. We don’t have a sample for him with Paul George on the court and Kawhi (resting) off. Looking at his rates with just Beverley/Shamet off, he has scored around .91 FPPM and has an 18.2% usage. This is just a baseline projection, and we are expecting Paul George to be limited in his debut tonight. When we add Kawhi off the court to the sample, Green’s FPPM goes up .08/min with Kawhi/Shamet off and +.11/min with Kawhi/Beverley off. With... Read More

NBA | Must-Haves | 11/13

Overall Must-Have D’Angelo Russell (DK: $8,100; FD: $9,200): Our Overall Must-Have for tonight’s slate is D’Angelo Russell. Russell is still too cheap for the amount of usage he has gotten in his games back from injury. In those three games, he has 81 shots! That amount of volume is insane and is even more than James Harden over his past three games who is over $11k on both sites. In this situation, Russell has collected a whopping 37.4% usage rate to go with a solid 1.49 FPPM average. For the Warriors to have any remote chance at keeping this game... Read More

NBA | Must-Have | 11/12

Must-Have #1: Cory Joseph (DK: $3,700; FD: $3,700): Our first Must-Have for tonight falls perfectly into our laps as Cory Joseph will be the starting point guard for the Kings for the time being. He will draw the start in what is projected to be the highest game total on the slate at 222.5. With no Bagley or Fox on the floor this season, Cory Joseph has the largest sample of any Kings player at 125.5 minutes. In that sample, Joseph has been involved with nearly a 20% usage and owns a solid .75 FPPM average. At his low price... Read More