National Football League (NFL) Must-haves are our most highly recommended players for any given slate. Our experts select these picks above the rest and have determined they are most likely to reach or exceed value. These are the foundational players that we advise building your lineups around.
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NFL | Must-Haves | Week 3

Latavius Murray (DK: $5,800 FD: $5,200 Draft: $11,000): The Minnesota Vikings will be without starting running back Dalvin Cook this weekend when they welcome the lowly Buffalo Bills into Minneapolis. Luckily for them, they have faced this problem before — all of the 2017 season — and were able to rely on Latavius Murray. Last season as the lead back, Latavius ran the ball 216 times for 842 yards and 8 TDs. We believe his numbers should be even better now without Jerick McKinnon in the backfieldl, soaking up 150 carries of his own as well as nearly all of... Read More

NFL | Must-Haves | Week 2

All Sites Must-Have Tevin Coleman (DK: $5,300 FD: $5,900 FDraft: $10,000): Matchup aside, it’s almost always a bad idea to fade cheap running back chalk. The major uptick in volume alone makes them safe and the increased potential for big plays and touchdowns gives them a nice ceiling. Tevin Coleman is not your average backup chalk though. Coleman is a starting-caliber running back and likely will prove that in free agency next offseason. Coleman is a strong runner, averaging 4.2 yards per carry in his career. He’s also a viable option in the passing game, as evidenced by his six career... Read More

NFL | Must-Haves | Week 1

Leonard Fournette (FDraft: $12,900 DK: $7,100 FD: $8,000): One rule to live by for NFL fantasy is to play the running backs who are focal points for their teams offense, and that’s just who we get for our first daily fantasy NFL Must-Have of the season. Leonard Fournette enters into his sophomore season as arguably a top-three running back in the game. Leading his team deep into the playoffs, the Jacksonville Jaguars seem poised to lean on their second-year back to carry them even further this year. It couldn’t start against a much better team than the New York Giants... Read More

NFL | Must-Haves | Divisional Round

This week we’re deviating from our typical Must-Haves format because bizarre pricing mismatches on this slate allow us to lock in different players depending on the site on which you play. By nature of those differences, we have one Must-Have player for each platform (DraftKings’ and FantasyDraft’s pricing and scoring systems are very similar) and while we like both of these players everywhere, they are only absolute locks on the indicated site. DraftKings/FantasyDraft Only: Jay Ajayi (FDraft: $9,900 DK: $4,600): The Eagles have been running the ball well this season with anyone who carries the football, to the tune of... Read More

NFL | Must-Haves | Wild Card Round 2018

As per usual here at DFI, we’re keeping our NFL playoff Must-Haves to one player. We do this for many reasons, such as providing flexibility in roster construction and simply because there is a smaller pool of players from which to find exceptional matchups and situations. Keep in mind that we will never force players into our “Must-Haves” if they aren’t truly locks. The play(s) you find here is a Must-Have in name and nature–you shouldn’t build your lineup without them this week. Without further ado, our Must-Have for this weekend’s Wild Card games: Derrick Henry (FDraft: $10,600 DK: $6,000... Read More