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Product Description

With this subscription you’ll gain Interactive Monthly access to ALL our exclusive War Rooms. These War Rooms quickly give you all the most important information about the slate and allow you to ask our Insiders questions leading up to lock. The War Room header narrows the field of players and the pinned posts convey our team’s research findings, ultimately providing you with everything you need on one page for the most efficient lineup-building. With All Access Interactive, you will also have the ability to ask our analysts questions, as well as the ability to comment on every post in the War Room.  You can get push notifications to your phone the second we lock in a pick so you can place it yourself immediately.

Upgrade to DFS All Access Interactive Monthly for less than the price of 3 Monthly memberships! DFS All Access Interactive unlocks over 200 War Rooms! When upgrading to a DFS All Access product, proceed to My Account > Subscriptions and select one Active product. Click Manage, and then upgrade to All Access Interactive Monthly. You can now cancel all other products you don’t need now that you have DFS All Access!  If you have questions upgrading please contact [email protected]

Your DFS All Access Interactive Monthly membership includes:

• CBB Interactive Access
• CFB Interactive Access
• Esports Interactive Access
• MLB Interactive Access
• MMA Interactive Access
• NASCAR Interactive Access
• NBA Interactive Access
• NFL Interactive Access
• NHL Interactive Access
• PGA Interactive Access
• Soccer Interactive Access
• Tennis Read-Only Access
• WNBA Read-Only Access
• XFL Interactive Access

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