DFS All Access Read-Only + DFI Bets Monthly

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Product Description

With this subscription, you’ll gain Monthly Read-Only access to ALL our exclusive War Rooms but you will not have the ability to comment and ask questions.   You can get push notifications to your phone the second we lock in a pick so you can place it yourself immediately.  These War Rooms quickly give you all the most important information about the slate. The War Room header narrows the field of players and the pinned posts convey our team’s research findings, ultimately providing you with everything you need on one page for the most efficient lineup-building. Please try to make your purchase more than 30 minutes before the desired contest begins.

This package also includes:
With this subscription you’ll gain access to our exclusive DFI Bets. Our team generates multiple thoroughly researched bets every day so you don’t have to spend hours researching on your own. You’ll gain access to DFI Bets via the Daily Fantasy Insider app, which will allow you to receive push notifications to your phone at the exact moment we publish a pick. This is crucial for our in-game live bets, a rare service you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere! Our picks are always thoroughly researched and have been successful in the long run. For years we have demonstrated the strength of our picks on Twitter, and since the start of 2018 all of our picks have been tracked on our results page so you can be sure you’re signing up for long-term winning picks. Don’t try to beat the oddsmakers on your own; join the Daily Fantasy Insiders now!

Your DFS All Access Read-Only + DFI Bets Monthly membership includes:

  • CBB Read-Only Access
  • CFB Read-Only Access
  • Esports Interactive Access
  • Horse Racing Read-Only Access
  • MLB Read-Only Access
  • MMA Read-Only Access
  • NASCAR Read-Only Access
  • NBA Read-Only Access
  • NFL Read-Only Access
  • NHL Read Only Access
  • PGA Read-Only Access
  • Soccer Read-Only Access
  • Tennis Read-Only Access
  • WNBA Read-Only Access
  • XFL Read-Only Access

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