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DFS All Access
DFS All Access November 21, 2020

Love having All Access to be able to stay on top of each War Room. These guys have amazing customer service and I appreciate all the insight on lineup building and all questions that are thrown there way. Love the app, love the squad and highly recommend!
Austin Link - avatar Austin Link
DFS All Access
DFS All Access July 17, 2020

The DFI app is so smooth. I love using this product
Carl Rivera - avatar Carl Rivera
PGA June 27, 2020

The edition of the showdown War Rooms has been a huge boost to my enjoyment of PGA. I couldn't be having this much success with PGA without these extra showdown slates.
Wayne Morgan - avatar Wayne Morgan
DFS All Access
DFS All Access June 26, 2020

Passive1121 - avatar Passive1121
NASCAR June 3, 2020

DFI really does NASCAR right. It's not a sport you can just give out a full lineup. People need to make some choices for themselves but they need guidance. The War Rooms do exactly what I want as a long time NASCAR DFS player and I will use them as long as I play. And I plan to play for a long time because I've been doing extremely well.
Steve Bell - avatar Steve Bell
DFS All Access
DFS All Access May 2, 2020

Through the entire quarantine DFI has been putting out great content and they've allowed people to stop paying if they need to and suspended memberships right away for the sports that were affected. I'm proud to support this company through these tough times
Jack Hall - avatar Jack Hall
Esports April 5, 2020

It's amazing that DFI has been handling all these weird contests better than the DFS sites themselves. Bravo!
Sam Bailey - avatar Sam Bailey

Got a one week sub last Tuesday. Win my first gpp on Thursday. Safe to say it’s a no brainer to renew with DFI. Not only do they produce good content, they interact and are a great group to chat with. I appreciate the effort the DFI team puts into their product.
Chad Pennington - avatar Chad Pennington
Esports March 31, 2020

I have been a subscriber and follower of DFI for over 5 years. What an incredible product that has been put together. During these difficult times, DFI has been able to switch seamlessly to ESports and continue to guide us in making a profit daily. Enough can't be said about the work they put in daily. Keep up the good work boys and if you aren't a member, what are you waiting for?
bvritter84 - avatar bvritter84
Esports March 30, 2020

I have always been a big fan of DFI, and been a member for a long time. I have had some decent size take downs, and receive tshirts for it too:) - from Justin helping me with the NFL way back when Hogan caught a bomb from Brady to throw me into first and win a $3000 GPP. When he was like 3% owned, to the entire team helping during the NBA season, and NOW yes now during a pandemic, these lads are on top of their game. Always producing a top notch material. We will look back at this, and realize they lads and especial NICK Johnson, have provided us all with an avenue to forget what is going on in the world right now and enjoy some ESPORTS. These lads do It right, take care of their customers and truly want them to win! Thank you again and NICK massive shout out my man for you daily content in ESPORTS. Really appreciate it!
Nicolas - avatar Nicolas
Esports March 30, 2020

Shoutout to the DFI team for getting War Rooms up so fast for Rocket League and CS:GO! I used to love playing these games and it's been fun getting back into them!
BrianClark01 - avatar BrianClark01
Esports March 27, 2020

Who knew this was fun?! Not me. I've been so pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying playing league of legends. So thankful for the DFI team making this fun for me
Joe Young - avatar Joe Young
Esports March 23, 2020

This has been a blessing from the heavens! So much fun during this difficult time for all!
EugeneReed - avatar EugeneReed
CBB Access
CBB Access March 8, 2020

I used this last year and it was incredible. A total steal for the price and the March Madness bracket picks were spectacular. I won my office pool for a grand and bet some their picks along the way with success. Unfortunately I missed a lot of them while at work but with the app sending push notifications now I think I'll be able to get most of them in which makes this even more valuable
Dick Anderson - avatar Dick Anderson
NBA March 3, 2020

I feel like I never have a losing day between showdown and normal slate. Such a fun site to play on
Raymond Powell - avatar Raymond Powell
DFI BETS March 2, 2020

I'm really liking the addition of the basketball bet on the calendar. It's good to know when I can check the app and get action every night if I want to
JImDavis01 - avatar JImDavis01
NBA February 14, 2020

The quality of content is very good here but as someone who only plays one lineup in all my contests, sometimes I'm not sure what to do when some players are listed as cash plays and others are talked up as good GPP plays. If I want to use one lineup in everything it can be difficult to know which guys to use. And other times there are writeups about how to play contrarian which is cool, but then I can't decide which type of lineup to go with
Mark Bell - avatar Mark Bell
NBA January 24, 2020

The DFI guys are always putting me on new stuff I never tried before. From new sites to new game modes and now most recently the single game contests on DraftKings and FanDuel. They crush it all and always look for edges for this community. They even get inside scoops from players and reporters and share it all which I still can't believe. Most high stakes players probably keep all that stuff to themselves and just patronize their users with basic info. Sometimes I think these guys care more about our success than their own which I don't think you could find anywhere else.
Walter Stewart - avatar Walter Stewart
NBA January 22, 2020

All of the slate coverage is really just great. They cover more slates than other sites and keep it very consistent so it makes it easy to build lineups fastly. On other sites I'm not sure where to look at times but on dfi it always is easy to know where to go and build a lineup fast
JR Ross - avatar JR Ross
DFI BETS January 20, 2020

The picks have been impressively solid. Definitely better than mine were 😀
Jerry Clark - avatar Jerry Clark
NHL January 10, 2020

These picks have been INSANE! I know nothing about NHL and I'm crushing Draftkings with these war room picks. Had to give credit where its due
KeithRivera - avatar KeithRivera
DFS All Access
DFS All Access January 8, 2020

This is such a great service. If you want build a line up quick, you can do that. If you want more in depth knowledge to why the picks are the way they are, you can do that too! You can know a lot about the sport or know hardly anything and DFI access will help you build a winning lineup.
Eric McKibben - avatar Eric McKibben
NFL December 20, 2019

Such a stand up group of guys. Not like most of the industry
FrankCox - avatar FrankCox
NBA December 12, 2019

Thomas King - avatar Thomas King