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NHL January 10, 2020

These picks have been INSANE! I know nothing about NHL and I'm crushing Draftkings with these war room picks. Had to give credit where its due
KeithRivera - avatar KeithRivera
All Access
All Access January 8, 2020

This is such a great service. If you want build a line up quick, you can do that. If you want more in depth knowledge to why the picks are the way they are, you can do that too! You can know a lot about the sport or know hardly anything and DFI access will help you build a winning lineup.
Eric McKibben - avatar Eric McKibben
NFL December 20, 2019

Such a stand up group of guys. Not like most of the industry
FrankCox - avatar FrankCox
NBA December 12, 2019

Thomas King - avatar Thomas King
DFI BETS December 10, 2019

The bets are becoming more consistent and are covering games I'm interested in more often. I like where this service is heading
RandyRoberts - avatar RandyRoberts
All Access
All Access December 6, 2019

In my experience, most companies in this industry build their site and establish their system and then that's what you get forever. This site is constantly improving stuff and hiring more analysts and adding more to the deliverables. I like that it feels like they really want the user experience to be good and it's not just a group of guys trying to take money from you as long as you're fine with what they're giving you
Harry T - avatar Harry T
NBA November 29, 2019

I love that you get picks and strategy with the War Rooms. Most companies I subscribed to in the past either had good picks without strategy to go with it, or they'd have some good ideas but they didn't give me enough to build complete lineups. DFI makes me feel like I only need to subscribe to one site
Pete Mitchell - avatar Pete Mitchell
NFL November 21, 2019

For years all I did was use the Must-Haves but once the app came out I decided to try out a paid membership. I feel very much a part of the community here which I hadn't felt when I tried out other sites in the past. It's fun to feel like we're all a team yet we play our own lineups and win independently. I'm a big fan of the system they have here so I'd definitely recommend trying it out to see if it's a good fit for you.
NBA October 22, 2019

Last season was incredible and I'm back for more! I dropped all my other memberships on other DFS sites and I'm committed to the War Rooms for 2019. I love that you give us the game theory in addition to the picks. Keep up the good work fellas let's have another good year!
JustinPerry - avatar JustinPerry
NFL September 18, 2019

The picks have been so good so far I'm blown away
Victor Hughes - avatar Victor Hughes
NFL September 17, 2019

Two weeks of amazing results on every slate. I'm blown away by how successful I've been using the War Rooms. I'd seen them talking about them on Twitter for what feels like years and I just never pulled the trigger. I finally gave it a shot because the price is really nothing if it works, and I've made like 2000% returns in two weeks. I would have to imagine these results won't last like this all season, but I am completely sold no matter what. Just the level of analysis and time and energy I can tell they put into the research makes me want to keep joining more contests before every slate. Even if I lose I feel like I had an edge and it just didn't work out. Without a doubt these guys are good at their jobs and I would recommend
JasonPowell - avatar JasonPowell
All Access
All Access September 7, 2019

This is truly an incredible service and an amazing team. They are giving all their original customers a great deal and taking care of us as they alway do before they raise their prices. It really couldn't be a better situation for the original customers since they are raising prices to cover all the analysts they've added and the platforms they have built like the new apps. I'm all in on annual all access knowing that DFI will keep investing in their team and their products and they won't make their current users pay for any of the added benefits. I would still pay more if I had to but it just shows how dedicated this company is to taking care of customers.
Fred Cook - avatar Fred Cook
NFL August 30, 2019

The preseason picks were great! I can't wait for Week 1!
Douglas Young - avatar Douglas Young
All Access
All Access August 20, 2019

Really such a great value for every sport. I used to buy tons of individual packages at RotoGrinders and I still felt confused by who was advocating which players and it never felt like just a clear company stance on anything. I like that every sport I play with DFI there are clearly defined picks and strategies and I can choose to follow them all or not, but I'm never left guessing on what the DFI team is doing with their lineups and what their research is pointing to.
J Hawthorne - avatar J Hawthorne
PGA August 14, 2019

I've been getting all my golfers through to the weekend and contending for takedowns like every week since I joined. The research is incredible and they look into so many aspects of golf that I didn't even know you could find out. Haven't had my first massive win yet but I've been profitable pretty much every week and I expect to win big soon
Zach Hawthorne - avatar Zach Hawthorne
MLB August 9, 2019

These guys have are the best in the business. Increased my bankroll MASSIVELY by listening to top plays and why they like who they like. All plays are backed by data and research which I so appreciate. Can’t thank them enough. Just bought the all access!!!
cem.adam.osma - avatar cem.adam.osma
MLB August 6, 2019

I recently been playing mlb pretty much every day and doing really well with the war rooms. Its very helpful to get guidance on where I should start my lineup focus and just keep adding pieces from there until I'm done with it
Ezequiel Vick - avatar Ezequiel Vick
MLB July 30, 2019

I've been winning big every month or so since I joined. I really like the War Rooms and will be using them this football season too
Guy Bates - avatar Guy Bates
PGA July 19, 2019

I have such a good time playing the PGA picks every week and the way DFI presents the slates and stuff just makes it so easy to do it without knowing much about the stats and research. I'm the kind of guy who loves watching golf but doesn't know a whole lot about the numbers for why you'd pick certain guys on DFS and stuff so this makes it so much more enjoyable to follow. Definitely a customer for as long as DFS golf exists
JordanThomas - avatar JordanThomas
MLB July 18, 2019

Great content day in day out
Alex Woods - avatar Alex Woods
All Access
All Access July 11, 2019

Loving the app! Huge improvement to the overall experience!
PeteFowler - avatar PeteFowler
TENNIS July 2, 2019

I was curious if you guys would be as good at DFS as you are with bets. My question has been answered. EMPHATIC YES!
PGA June 27, 2019

Not surprising that DFI talks about always ranking first in PGA. Their picks have been incredible since I joined. I was actually kind of thinking PGA was nearly impossible to predict accurately so I'm glad I found this on Twitter
A Salazar - avatar A Salazar
TENNIS June 27, 2019

The tennis bets here are so good. I've learned to max them every time and it will pay for any and all losses I make on my own lol
Ronald Baker - avatar Ronald Baker