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NBA May 19, 2019

Thank you for covering the one game slates! DFI making the playoffs way more fun
Brett Washington - avatar Brett Washington
DFI BETS May 19, 2019

The NBA playoffs have been great and getting the bets through the app now is a big plus! Go DFI team!
Carroll Cook - avatar Carroll Cook
NHL May 6, 2019

Nothin like NHL playoffs baby! Must haves been lighting it up!
EricCortez - avatar EricCortez
All Access
All Access May 6, 2019

I'm so impressed that these guys don't get complacent. To my knowledge, most of them are extremely young, and they continue to push out updates and improvements to their site much faster than other companies in this industry. I subscribe to just about every DFS site and I can truly say I am most impressed by this team. The app they just put out is really well made and I'll absolutely recommend this site to anyone who asks for my opinion because I believe the most ambitious and hard working people will almost always provide the best value in the long run
KenRoyGoatSquad - avatar KenRoyGoatSquad
NBA May 3, 2019

I've been using the DFI NBA War Rooms for two or three months now. I started with 25 dollars of my own money that I deposited into my FanDuel account, and currently my balance sits at $1250. It's honestly crazy how easy this feels. I have gotten so used to cashing my money every night. I almost assume that I'll leave each night with at least three times the amount of money I actually bet. The War Rooms are quick and easy, and some of my best line ups were able to be built in 10 to 15 minutes using their header. I love the interactive features, and am about to upgrade to all-access. The price of a subscription is easily the best deal of any DFS website. I paid off my investment into the NBA monthly interactive on my first night of using the War Rooms, which is a great feeling. It's added so much excitement to watching games, and I could not recommend it enough.
tristan.korff - avatar tristan.korff
PGA May 2, 2019

I love sweating PGA but hate researching it. This has been a godsend for me. I make a good lineup in 5 minutes and get 4 days of fun out of it. If you're like me and just want a good lineup without spending a lot of time on it then you'll like this over sites like RotoGrinders where they make it too complicated
Ted Lee - avatar Ted Lee
All Access
All Access May 1, 2019

Every sport on here is fantastic. I love the bets and the DFS War Rooms. To get it all for such a low price is a steal
Bill Pratt - avatar Bill Pratt
MLB April 17, 2019

This is my third season with DFI MLB and it's really consistent. They do a great job slate in, slate out. It's nice that they are very dependable about when the War Room starts and how they recommend building the lineups.
DWatts - avatar DWatts
DFI BETS April 14, 2019

Before I sign up for anything in this industry, I look at the reviews and when I saw nothing but good stuff about DFI, I tried it out. I must say DFI Bets has been the most profitable service I’ve paid for and I’ll be sticking with it. Amazing customer service and results so I’m paying it forward by adding a review.
Ryan Ellis - avatar Ryan Ellis
PGA April 14, 2019

I decided to try PGA for my first time this Master’s season and I am at a lost for words! I am not too educated on PGA but I just plugged and played from the War Room and won more money than I ever have in 4 years of DFS! Thank you DFI, I owe this all to you
Jonathan - avatar Jonathan
PGA April 10, 2019

Thank you for offering weekly memberships for those of us who just play the Majors. Masters War Room is great
Nicolas Parks - avatar Nicolas Parks
MLB April 2, 2019

Phillip Potter - avatar Phillip Potter
DFI BETS April 2, 2019

In my second year using this and it's so convenient. Just upgraded to annual and wish I had just started with that since I kind of wasted money doing monthly for a whole year. Either way I don't regret it though since I certainly made that money back and more
Levi Barrett - avatar Levi Barrett
MLB March 30, 2019

The MLB War Rooms are the best! Thank god baseball is back I'm already winning as usual with DFI!
Drew Gilbert - avatar Drew Gilbert
All Access
All Access March 28, 2019

For the DFS enthusiasts out there that spend money on sites to get top GPP prizes,. Only 1 site @ DF1 is a must have (lol, no pun intended). The guys @ DFI pick the best players to roster with & give out solid in depth coverage on all sports. I'm happy & glad to say I'm apart of the DFi community & will be a long time member subscription subscriber. Let the 💰 / bankroll building begin.

Love the DFI team #dfitakeover
Eloytrujillo2057 - avatar Eloytrujillo2057
NBA March 27, 2019

I’ve been using DFI for close to a year now and, while it’s not a “get rich quick” subscription, these guys really know what they’re talking about and really put in the effort to give users the best DFS experience!
cc487915 - avatar cc487915
NBA March 27, 2019

Been using the different war rooms for a few months and it’s already paid for itself.

In depth analysis on games and must-haves make my fantasy experience that much more exciting.
Aldo Campodonico - avatar Aldo Campodonico
NBA March 27, 2019

Two wins over 1000 bucks this year while playing in small entry GPP's. Could not have been done without the help of the guys at DFI. The amount of time spent by myself on research is minimal due to all the effort put in by this team.
bronxbombr2 - avatar bronxbombr2
NBA March 20, 2019

I've hit so many huge wins this season thanks to the War Rooms. The perfect complement to my own research
Jack Gillum - avatar Jack Gillum
CBB Access
CBB Access March 6, 2019

I mostly just play on Saturdays but the War Rooms have been really good and I'm definitely using them every day for March Madness!
Kent Gray - avatar Kent Gray
All Access
All Access March 3, 2019

I could never crack 300 or be in green with NBA. Recently that has been changing & I’m cashing in thanks to joining the DFI team. I can’t wait for the MLB season and their War Room heat! Thanks again!
UncleRico77 - avatar UncleRico77
NASCAR February 25, 2019

There aren't many sites out there helping with Nascar at all so I was nervous this might be a super basic overview of the race with all the chalk picks. It wasn't at all, and two weeks in a row the Warroom has put me on some really good picks I wasn't considering.
Everett Palmer - avatar Everett Palmer
NHL February 21, 2019

The DFI NHL team did a great job helping a total neanderthal like me succeed in hockey during the NBA All Star Break. Thank you guys! I'll be back whenever there's no NBA!
Kyle Hernandez - avatar Kyle Hernandez
All Access
All Access February 20, 2019

I’ll be honest I tried Dfi when they 1st started doing the warrooms and didn’t really care for it. Decided to give it another try with the all access and this time around I loved how you can pop in the wr 15 to 20 mins before lock and put together a team that’s competitive. Definitely would recommend!!
Jason - avatar Jason