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DFS All Access
DFS All Access October 13, 2021

DFI ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! I was able to win money that will help me move forward with so many life goals way ahead of what I imagined due to the community DFI have created. This is not just a business but a community! They truly care for their clients. For those that won’t read I’ll put together bullet points.

-they teach you why plays make sense

-they teach you how to think - this is key to my BIG win

-they teach you best tournaments to enter and why

-they make you a better player period

-community and client centered

-without them I would not have been able to do what I am now in the process of planning for my family! Thank you

-the app is easy to use and you can even listen to the write ups if you’re not a reader

-this is not for just picks- it’s for understand correlations, why it’s important, how to think Vs the field - quality quality quality content every day!

If you are thinking of subscribing to a daily fantasy page - stop right now this is it!

Love these guys! Cheers to all
Nick Catt - avatar Nick Catt
DFI BETS October 8, 2021

These are the only guys I listen to for bets now. Consistently quality analysis and picks have done very well for me
Jimmy Bailey - avatar Jimmy Bailey
CFB September 7, 2021

This is such a good product
Carl - avatar Carl
MMA August 16, 2021

The guys who run the MMA War Rooms clearly get how the sport works for DFS. Too many people are just making picks based on who they think will win the fight, and they're taking almost all the favorites just to try and be "right" as often as possible. That really doesn't help you win at MMA DFS, which is why I only use the War Rooms now. They analyze the fight and predict the way in which each fighter might win, and how that would score for DFS contests. They'll let you know that even if a certain fighter wins, they're very unlikely to score enough points to be in an optimal lineup. And they're not afraid to say that a huge underdog could win and score a ton of points if they do. It's really helpful analysis and I've been doing a lot better since I started using this
Andrew Brown - avatar Andrew Brown
NFL August 10, 2021

Last season was terrific! Definitely re-upping!
Steve Gonzalez - avatar Steve Gonzalez
MLB August 4, 2021

They are the only company I've seen that researches certain things that are too time consuming for me to do myself. That alone makes it worth the cost so I can get picks that I know factor in the things I value but don't have time to look into myself
Tom Olson - avatar Tom Olson
DFS All Access
DFS All Access August 2, 2021

I'm loving the addition of the Discord to talk about the games together!
Russell Watson - avatar Russell Watson
PGA July 27, 2021

DFI has consistently been the best for years
Alfred - avatar Alfred
DFI BETS July 19, 2021

I do a lot of research on my own and these picks are very sharp. Early on I felt the need to look into them myself but by now I trust them completely
Gil Pratt - avatar Gil Pratt
DFS All Access
DFS All Access July 17, 2021

Everything is fantastic
Phil Porter - avatar Phil Porter
MLB June 22, 2021

This is such a great product. It's exactly what I needed to play DFS effectively
Mack Newton - avatar Mack Newton
PGA May 26, 2021

the info: some of the best intel in the business. models, ownership projections, write ups on key plays. constant updates/notifications on slate changing news up until the second the games lock. will put you in the best possible position to profit.

the team: super helpful, super friendly, super committed, just all around good people who want you to make money.

the app itself: very intuitive, great UI, features added regularly, easy to control the exact notifications you want to receive. not sure there’s a single other app that provides even half of what dfi does.

highly recommended.
whoistwiz - avatar whoistwiz
PGA May 26, 2021

I just wanted to give credit where it’s due. I’ve played DFS for years and just couldn’t seem to hit. With my current schedule I knew I needed some help to compete with the sharks. I stumbled upon DFI and decided to give it a follow on Twitter. Signed up for war rooms soon thereafter. I have to say some of the best content in the industry. I knew it wasn’t gonna come easy hung in there for NFL, NBA, and now MLB has finally paid off. This app truly has changed my life!
CallMeCasper - avatar CallMeCasper

Absolutely excellent! Untouchable in the industry!
srboccone - avatar srboccone
DFI BETS February 25, 2021

Great service!
Greg Roberts - avatar Greg Roberts
NHL February 9, 2021

Took down the $333 GPP last night in NHL using the war room principles and strategies. Make sure to read anything Justin posts about game theory so you know how to mix in the right contrarian plays while maybe eating some chalk at times as well.

Tim Dougherty
doughety - avatar doughety
NBA January 12, 2021

This is such an incredible product. A very creative way to help DFS players and I love it
Howard Cooper - avatar Howard Cooper
NBA December 24, 2020

I can’t thank you enough! Had a decent night again, the war room is so helpful in lineup construction and has helped me look at it in a different perspective. It’s really helped in creating competitive lines, recognizing correlations and using common sense. Even if I do the read only month to month it’s worth it! Can’t thank the analysts enough for all the hard work they do!
Terrance Frederick - avatar Terrance Frederick
NBA December 11, 2020

The DFI team provides such an terrific service the way that they cover just about everything. From preseason to nightly single-game slates to of course all the main slates. For just one reasonable price I get all the NBA DFS action I want through DFI. 5/5 all day
Leroy Simpson - avatar Leroy Simpson
DFI BETS December 11, 2020

The picks have been amazing! I already left a good review on the app but I also had to do it for the bets product in specific because it is helping me a ton.
Tim Ward - avatar Tim Ward
DFS All Access
DFS All Access November 21, 2020

Love having All Access to be able to stay on top of each War Room. These guys have amazing customer service and I appreciate all the insight on lineup building and all questions that are thrown there way. Love the app, love the squad and highly recommend!
Austin Link - avatar Austin Link
DFS All Access
DFS All Access July 17, 2020

The DFI app is so smooth. I love using this product
Carl Rivera - avatar Carl Rivera
PGA June 27, 2020

The edition of the showdown War Rooms has been a huge boost to my enjoyment of PGA. I couldn't be having this much success with PGA without these extra showdown slates.
Wayne Morgan - avatar Wayne Morgan
DFS All Access
DFS All Access June 26, 2020

Passive1121 - avatar Passive1121