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NASCAR February 19, 2019

DFI has been great. I have war room access to multiple war rooms and have always had a positive experience. The DFI team proves to you there knowledge and experience researching each and every one of the sports they cover. I look forward to the upcoming seasons and taking down some big GPPs!
John Mitchell - avatar John Mitchell
NASCAR February 19, 2019

Great info. I don’t anything about nascar other than the well known names. First time playing with DFI and I turned $26 into $303. Will definitely keep using them. I highly recommended giving it a shot even if it’s just a 1 day or a week to see for yourself!
Christapher Cooley - avatar Christapher Cooley
NHL February 19, 2019

NHL War Room has been killing it.. Knowing little to nothing about hockey left me with little to no expectations on what to expect when I started out but these guys absolutely crush it every night!
patvee21 - avatar patvee21
NFL February 10, 2019

Just wanted to say I had an amazing season and it's thanks to this team. You guys deserve all the best. Already looking forward to next season!
Barry Wade - avatar Barry Wade
CBB February 8, 2019

This too easy! We feasting!
Jacob Williamson - avatar Jacob Williamson
NBA February 8, 2019

I joined last week and already got three of my coworkers to sign up. We love playing Draftkings at work but hate researching lol this is perfect
Kelly Burton - avatar Kelly Burton
NFL February 2, 2019

These war rooms are amazing. So much analysis for a few dollars
Laurence Castro - avatar Laurence Castro
NBA January 31, 2019

I was doing great for a few weeks but the last three days I lost .The format is good so I'm going to stick with it but docked a couple stars for recent losses
Jean Townsend - avatar Jean Townsend
PGA January 29, 2019

The amount of top ten finishes they've been picking is really impressive. I've made money every week since I joined. 100% cash rate in double ups so far after a month and I don't do any research. Big ups to this site
Dan Fisher - avatar Dan Fisher
NFL January 27, 2019

This team does an incredible job of identifying market inefficiencies. They had us all play lineups for the Pro Bowl that left like $20,000 salary or more available, using every single tight end that was in the game. It seemed wild but they were totally right and I cashed easily with everyone lineup I played, even one where the other two players got 2 total points. I can't say enough about the strategies this team uses
Chris Miller - avatar Chris Miller
NBA January 19, 2019

Joined on the first of the year and have been turning profits ever since, been through over a dozen DFS websites and the War Room is the most unique/simple way of knowing the days favorites. They offer great insight and clarity with their daily must haves and value plays.
Mike Hyland - avatar Mike Hyland
TENNIS January 16, 2019

These tennis picks are really good. I'm betting them on Bovada as well as Draftkings and doing really well. Thanks
Marcus Higgins - avatar Marcus Higgins
DFI BETS January 10, 2019

Great service and I can't wait for the app!
William Quan - avatar William Quan
All Access
All Access January 7, 2019

Everything DFI puts out is top tier. All Sports is the best value. Basically pay for two sports and get everything
Jesus Gilbert - avatar Jesus Gilbert
DFI BETS December 19, 2018

I love the NBA prop bets. I think NBA player props are the most fun thing in betting but I'd never been able to find a site to give me smart bets on them until I heard about DFI Bets
Brian Easley - avatar Brian Easley
CBB December 5, 2018

CBB analysis is so on point! I knew this would be an exploitable DFS sport but I didn't want to put the time into researching for it. The DFI team finds everything and makes it so easy to make a lineup
Jeff Abeyta - avatar Jeff Abeyta
NBA December 5, 2018

The NBA War Rooms are fantastic. I used to spend hours researching and now I don't research at all and I'm doing better. I wish I knew about this a couple years ago because I get sad just thinking about all the wasted time lol
Charles Hall - avatar Charles Hall
DFI BETS December 3, 2018

Gregory Campos - avatar Gregory Campos
NFL November 29, 2018

DFI is the best at what they do. Period
S Luckett - avatar S Luckett
All Access
All Access November 26, 2018

The combo of the bets and the DFS war rooms makes this such a good deal
Cary Gallardo - avatar Cary Gallardo
PGA November 20, 2018

Super convenient. I build my lineup in five minutes every week
James Cain - avatar James Cain
DFI BETS November 20, 2018

Most convenient service I've seen to get winning bets
James Cain - avatar James Cain
NBA November 18, 2018

I've been crushing NBA since I signed up! Players in the War Room pretty much always hit value
Duane Thompson - avatar Duane Thompson
DFI BETS November 18, 2018

Overall very good but 4 stars because sometimes the picks are a bit streaky. For $25 a month though it's well worth it
James Romero - avatar James Romero