SOC | Spotlight: Copa America | 6/13/16

Uruguay vs. Jamaica: Unfortunately, this game will be very hard to read due to the fact that both teams have been eliminated from advancing further into the tournament. This “playing for nothing” mentality will likely lead to lineup changes. However, this matchup does offer a great opportunity for value. Since we won’t know who will be starting Monday night, don’t be afraid to tweet our soccer writers covering Copa America for more tailored advice: @TorresDavid93 @DFSoccer_ Mexico vs. Venezuela: Both teams in this contest are fighting for first place and ultimately a better shot at the championship, so we believe... Read More

SOC | Spotlight: Copa America | 6/9/16

Fridays Copa America slate is full of goal scoring potential with two huge mismatches facing off against each other. We have the likes of Argentina vs. Panama and Chile vs. Bolivia; at first glance you see the two huge favorites Chile and Argentina, both these teams are full of talent and could easily blowout their opponents.   Chile is the defending champion in this tournament, but since they won the Copa America a lot has changed. The biggest change was Chile losing their coach Jorge Sampaoli; Chile has not started off this tournament the way they would have liked. Chile... Read More

SOC | Spotlight: Copa América | 6/5/16

Venezuela vs. Jamaica: This game will be tough to call because there really isn’t a lot of information available for us to determine who will perform, but there are some players that should be on your radar. One of those is Juanpi (DK: $3,600), who plays in La Liga and has had some standout performances when given a start. On the Reggae side, there aren’t very many options as they are a counter-attacking team, but consider Joel Grant (DK: $4,800) who came into the squad last week and scored against a resilient Chile side. Mexico vs. Uruguay: This game will... Read More

SOC | Spotlight: Liga MX Semi-Finals | 5/18/16

Monterrey vs. America: This is definitely the most appealing game of the two today, as shown by their thrilling 3-3 draw last month. The big news out of the America camp is that captain, and arguably best player, Rubens Sambueza (DK: $8,600) is back, rested and motivated to knock out the #1 seed, Monterrey. Taking a look at defense and GK positions, our research shows a couple value plays to pick from. First, Miguel Samudio (DK:$3,100), who since coming back from injury and suspension has only managed 6 FPTS in two games. However, with two 90 minute games under his... Read More

SOC | Spotlight: Liga MX | 4/23/16

Atlas vs. Leon: This matchup is the place where our research indicates that not a whole lot of defense will take place, so we took a look at which players can benefit the most. Since both teams are better offensively, that eliminates picking any defenders and goalkeepers. Not only is Atlas the worst team in the league, they haven’t won a game since February and have allowed a whopping 11 goals during that span. Bearing this in mind, Leon’s Elias Hernandez (DK: $8,200) is a must-have who will exploit Atlas’ weaknesses. Hernandez has been lighting up the Mexican league all... Read More