Soccer Must-Haves

Soccer | EPL Must-Haves | 7/8

Kevin De Bruyne (DK: $11,700): We contemplated the Must-Have for this slate for a bit, but after research, De Bruyne is definitely the best overall play and will be required... Read More

Soccer | EPL Must-Haves | 7/4

Mark Albrighton (DK: $6,500): The sole Must-Have for this two-game EPL slate is the English midfielder for Leicester, Mark Albrighton. As was feared following the three-month hiatus, it looks like... Read More

Soccer | Bundesliga Must-Haves | 6/27

Filip Kostic (DK: $10,900): The first Must-Have of the slate is the Serbian winger for Frankfurt, Filip Kostic. On most slates, Kostic has the best floor, because he’s the most... Read More

Soccer | EPL Must-Haves | 6/24

Bruno Fernandes (DK: $11,300): The Portuguese midfielder has been a sensation for Manchester United since they acquired him in January. This matchup is one that favors his style of play,... Read More

Soccer | EPL Must-Haves | 6/20

Nicolas Pepe (DK: $9,800): The sole Must-Have for this three-game EPL slate is the attacking-midfielder for Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe. These EPL slates are going to be particularly tough to navigate... Read More