eSports | Spotlight: Team Envy vs. Apex | 7/17/16

Team Envy vs. Apex (DK:Team Envy: $4,900 Apex: $4,300): In Sunday’s matchup between NV and APX, NV is a slight favorite. Although they’re not a powerhouse, NV is perfectly average; they’re currently 6-6 and in 5th place in the NA LCS. APX, however, is currently 5-7 and two spots below NV in the NA LCS. Although this matchup is close standing-wise, we’re confident that NV will come away with the series. They’ve has had a tough two weeks, with four of their five games being against the top teams in the NA LCS. They’ve handled the challenge well, though, starting their summer split successfully. In fact, they’ve exhibited such prowess that we wouldn’t be surprised if NV came out of this weekend undefeated. APX, meanwhile, has looked shaky; they showed a horrible performance against P1 who are regarded as one of the worst teams in the NA LCS . In terms of actual gameplay, NV will most likely have trouble in the early game, but they should thoroughly dominate the late game with objective control and great team play. NV should be making a run for the top of the NA LCS, especially now that they’re past the grueling part of their schedule. To summarize, we expect NV to quickly move out of the early game and then grab control in the late game and lead this game. Once they’ve attained control of the game, NV will continue to increase both their gold and overall leads. In this close matchup, we would recommend picking up NV players to secure some solid points.

Our favorite member of Team Envy is LoD (DK: $7,300). LoD has been a terror in the bottom lane for the weaker teams in the NA LCS. He is usually the main carry for NV, so look for him to secure most of the kills and to contribute by also racking up assists; he is currently second in the NA LCS for ADC for kill participation. LoD is an excellent choice at ADC this week, and with this price tag, we can easily see him exceeding value.  

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