Written by Nate Harrington - DF Insider on May 12, 2018

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Impacted Games
New York Mets @ Philadelphia Phillies, 7:05 pm – Rain showers, heavy at times, will move into Philly late this afternoon and evening. A couple of waves of rain are expected, so this one will be at least delayed, and possibly PPD. We’ll watch this one carefully. Wind: Cross Right to Left 6-10 mph, Temperatures: Near 70
San Francisco Giants @ Pittsburgh Pirates, 7:05 pm – Basically the same forecast for the game in Pittsburgh. We’ll keep a close eye on both Pennsylvania games. Wind: Light, Temperatures: Mid 70s
Seattle Mariners @ Detroit Tigers, 7:10 pm – Rain continues in and around Detroit today, but we think by game time the rain should be wrapped up. We think a delay to start is possible, but they should play this one. Winds: OUT to RF 5-8 mph, Temperatures: Low 50s

Rest of the Schedule
Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros, 7:10 pm – Roof closed today
Atlanta Braves @ Miami Marlins, 7:10 pm – Roof closed today
* Milwaukee Brewers @ Colorado Rockies, 8:10 pm – Wind: IN from RF 5-12 mph, Temperatures: Upper 50s
St. Louis Cardinals @ San Diego Padres, 8:40 pm – Wind: Light, Temperatures: Low 60s
Minnesota Twins @ Los Angeles Angels, 9:07 pm – Wind: Light, Temperatures: Low 60s
Cincinnati Reds @ Los Angeles Dodgers, 9:10 pm – Wind: Light, Temperatures: Low 60s

**All Times Eastern**
Games marked with an * signifies a 30% chance or less of a rain delay.

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