MLB | Weather Spotlight | 5/17/17

Another round of games with some wicked strong wind is expected tonight. It sure did play a big part in some big scores yesterday. We’ve also got rain chances in the forecast to talk about.

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Impacted Games

Baltimore Orioles @ Detroit Tigers, 7:10 pm – Another windy day expected in Detroit. Winds will blow RIGHT TO LEFT at 10-15 mph, with very little impact. Temperatures will be in the low 80s.

Boston Red Sox @ St. Louis Cardinals, 8:00 pm – Showers and thunderstorms are possible at Busch tonight. A delay is possible, but we’ll have to watch where the storms develop closer to lock. Winds will blow OUT TO LEFT at 15-20 mph with temperatures in the upper 70s.

Philadelphia Phillies @ Texas Rangers, 8:05 pm – Strong winds will blow IN FROM RIGHT at 15-20 mph tonight. These winds will be mostly blocked however by the tall right field seating structure. Temperatures will be in the middle/low 80s.

Cincinnati Reds @ Chicago Cubs, 8:05 pm – We saw what happened when the winds blew hard last night. More of the same is in store for tonight. Winds will blow OUT TO CENTER at 15-25 mph with higher gusts. Again, it will be warm and humid at the ballpark. There will be a chance for rain late in the game, but they should be done by the time the rain moves in.

Colorado Rockies @ Minnesota Twins, 8:10 pm – Another round of rain is expected tonight in the Twin Cities. This time, we think the rain will be a lot more widespread and will lead to delays or worse. Check back later this afternoon for an update.

New York Yankees @ Kansas City Royals, 8:15 pm – More windy conditions in KC, too. Winds will blow OUT TO CENTER at 15-20 mph with higher gusts. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s.


Rest of the Schedule

Washington Nationals @ Pittsburgh Pirates, 7:05 pm – Wind: S 5-10 mph, Temperatures: Mid 80s

Toronto Blue Jays @ Atlanta Braves, 7:35 pm – Wind: S 5-10 mph, Temperatures: Low 80s

Chicago White Sox @ Los Angeles Angels, 10:07 pm – Wind: NE 5-10 mph, Temperatures: Low 60s

Oakland Athletics @ Seattle Mariners, 10:10 pm – Wind: S 10-15 mph (No impact), Temperatures: Upper 50s

Milwaukee Brewers @ San Diego Padres, 10:10 pm – Wind: Light, Temperatures: Low 60s

**All Times Eastern**

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