Written by Nate Harrington - DF Insider on October 28, 2017

It looks like an ugly week for weather on the gridiron. We have several spots that could deal with some adverse conditions. Here are the games we are looking at for potential impacts. Be sure to check back in on Sunday morning for another update, and be sure to check the NFL War Room on DFI University for more on how we recommend dealing with these weather changes. 

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OAK @ BUF – 1:00 pm ET: Rain is likely for the morning in Buffalo, with a few showers lingering for the afternoon and during the game. We aren’t expecting heavy downpours, just some light/moderate rain. Winds will stay below 10 mph.
LAC @ NE – 1:00 pm ET: This will be another rainy game, but it looks like the heavier stuff will wait until after this one is over. We could have some breeze pick up by the end of the game, but wind impacts should remain minimal for most of the game.
ATL @ NYJ – 1:00 pm ET: We do expect some heavier downpours in the game in the Meadowlands. Winds will also be a little breezy, but nothing out of control. We think the rain could be a factor at times during this one and we should taper expectations from the passing options.
SF @ PHI – 1:00 pm ET: Another game along the east coast that has solid rain chances, with some heavier rain possible. We think this game will have about the same rain impacts as the game in New Jersey.
CAR @ TB – 1:00 pm ET: Rain isn’t a problem, but wind could be. We expect winds to pick up during the afternoon and blow around 15-20 mph. We will also have higher gusts during the game, so kicking will be an issue, and so will passing to some degree. For reference, we don’t think passing games are total avoid situations unless winds are expected to be 25-30 mph for most of the game, which won’t be the case here.
DAL @ WAS – 4:25 pm ET: Once again, rain is the main issue here. The heaviest rain looks to move in during the afternoon hours, during the first few quarters. However, the rain should taper off by later in the game. Winds will be a bit breezy but nothing prohibitive to the passing/kicking game.

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