NHL | Spotlight: Scoring Differences Between FanDuel and DraftKings

FanDuel: This season, FanDuel has shaken up their scoring system in a major way. The biggest change has been the complete elimination of the previously unique +/- statistic, which should change the way you research and consider skaters. This means players on underpowered teams will now have a higher floor, and some upside will be taken away from top line skaters on strong, disciplined teams. It also may influence lineup construction, as stacking linemates becomes less important, since they will not all receive the benefits of a positive +/- simply for being on the ice together. Beyond this change, they’ve inflated the values of most counting stats, awarding 12 points for goals instead of the three they awarded last season. They bumped up the value of assists from two to eight (which it’s important to note is the same relative value to goals as they had last season), and increased shots on goal from .4 to 1.6 points, another fourfold increase. Defensemen and skaters who rack up blocks now have much more value than last season, since FanDuel added the statistic of blocked shots (awarding 1.6 points). They kept powerplay points at .5, which means they’re much less important than they were last year, so don’t get tied down to skaters on the top powerplay lines as much. Powerplay opportunities are nice, since the odds of scoring go up, but with the bonus no longer being worth a quarter of the value of an assist, it’s much less important to pick skaters who score on the powerplay. Penalty minutes are no longer awarded, so that’s one less thing to research. Finally, a short-handed goal is now worth two points, which usually will not factor in. Short handed goals are tough to predict, but it does make powerplay killers with scoring prowess more likely to be awarded. For goalies, everything is worth four-times as much, which means evaluating goalies should not change. However, it’s important to note that since skaters now have some deflated points values (in the form of the removal of +/- and the constant .5 bonus for powerplay goals), goalies may become more important on FanDuel than they were last season, even with the blocked shots statistic for skaters. The shutout bonus of eight points makes it much more important to pick a goalie on FanDuel with the talent, matchup, and defense to give him a chance to severely limit goals.
DraftKings: DraftKings scoring is equal to last season, with goals and assists worth 3 and 2 points respectively, shots on goal and blocked shots worth .5 points each, short handed points worth 1 point, shootout goals worth .2, and hat tricks worth an extra 1.5 points. Goalies are awarded 3 points for a win, .2 points per save, -1 point for a goal against, and 2 points for a shutout. Comparing this to FanDuel, goalies have the exact same weights for their scoring, but are probably slightly more valuable on DraftKings. They don’t have to compete with the powerplay bonus that skaters can receive. Instead they just miss out on the shootout goal bonus and hat trick bonus, which happen more infrequently and less predictably than powerplay goals.


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