Written by Nate Harrington - DF Insider on February 21, 2018

The PGA Tour is really in full swing with the players finish up the swing out west and head south to Florida to start the southern stretch of tournaments heading toward Augusta in early April. We visit West Palm Beach and PGA National for the Honda Classic this week and the weather couldn’t be anymore typical for the east coast of Florida. There won’t be a detailed day-by-day forecast because each day looks practically the same, Thursday through Sunday. This means that conditions won’t favor one group of tee times over the other for the first two days of the tournament and that you can target your favorite golfers without fear of the weather throwing a wrench in your plans.
Like we said, very typical February weather for Florida this week. The wind will blow predominantly off the water each day, with a slight southeasterly component to the wind by the weekend. Winds will stay in the 5-10 mph range each day, with some occasional higher gusts for the afternoon, but nothing the players aren’t used to. Temperatures will range from the mid 60s to low 70s in the morning, to mid 70s and 80s for the afternoon. There will be the slight chance of a shower, mainly in the late morning or the afternoon, but these will be quick-hitters and shouldn’t halt play for too long.
Good luck this weekend!

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