Written by Nate Harrington - DF Insider on February 28, 2018

We’re heading south of the border this week as the best players from around the world descend on Mexico City for the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship. This tournament is special for a couple of reasons; the field is shorter, consisting of only the top-tier of golfers, and it’s played at the highest elevation these guys will likely play at all year. The Club de Golf Chapultepec sits at around a mile and a half above sea level. This leads to long drives and sometimes problematic weather. However this week, we’ve lucked out again, as beautiful playing conditions are forecast for the duration of the tournament. Just like we did last week, we’ll only need a few sentences for the forecast as it remains basically the same all week long.
No one will have a distinct advantage for the first couple of round this weekend due to such similar wind and temperature conditions for the first couple of days, and really the entire tournament. Tee times start around noon local time, with temperatures in the low 70s. Temperatures will rise to the upper 70s and near 80 Thursday through Sunday. Wind won’t be much of an issue either, as winds stay in the 7-11 mph range for the afternoon with very little directional shift during the course of the tournament. All this means lock and load your favorite players this weekend without any fear of the weather being a factor!
Good luck this weekend!

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